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Preethaji is a highly acclaimed speaker available for speaking engagements globally. Sample speaking topics include:

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Wholeness Of Self

An Experiential Journey

Key Highlights

  1. Explore our human tendency to compare ourselves to one another.

  2. Assess our dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives.

  3. Discover how to uncover our true voice, passion, and self.


Why is it that no matter how wealthy or influential we may be, we still compare ourselves to others? Why are we so uncomfortable with our bodies and our lives? Why do we become dissatisfied with the love we share with our partners so easily?

Wholeness of Self is an inner exploration towards being unapologetically yourself. It is an adventure built to provide you with the wisdom needed to heed your own voice, find your passions, and understand your true place in this world: an elegant awakening to a joyful you.



The Art Of A Quiet Mind

An Experiential Journey

Key Highlights

  1. Discuss the complexities of our mind.

  2. Connect this complexity to the dissatisfaction we experience.

  3. Learn about the benefits of a quiet mind.

  4. Discover how to implement a quiet mind into daily life.


On average, humans experience anywhere between 15,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Nearly 90% of these thoughts are old thoughts: things we have thought or stressed about before. Of these old thoughts, 80% are negative. With such a noisy and negative inner atmosphere, it is no wonder we experience anxiety and stress at work, stagnation in relationships, and boredom with life.

Journeying through the art of a quiet mind will inspire you to disentangle from your conflict-driven maze of thinking. A quiet mind is an asset to every creative, athlete or business leader, and allows us to see solutions that our agitated minds cannot. A quiet mind is one through which your true essence can flow and abundance of all kinds can be created.



Purpose and Innovation

An Experiential Journey

Key Highlights

  1. Explore the feeling of being purposeless which afflicts so many of us.

  2. Assess the true meaning of purpose and its significance in our lives.

  3. Learn techniques for transcending pressure and inadequacy.

  4. Discover how to truly discover purpose for ourselves.


Most young people in universities, no matter how prestigious, have no idea what to do with their lives. Most couples do not fully know why they are in their intimate relationship together. Many parents do not know why they have children. One of the major problems in today’s society is a crisis of purpose.

Preethaji leads us on a fascinating exploration to discover whether purpose is contrived or discovered. Through phenomenal insights and simple soul searching meditations, you will be led on a journey to transcend society’s input, familial pressures, and your own sense of inadequacy, providing you with the tools to discover your purpose.