Helping millions around the world achieve love, prosperity, and purpose through a more connected consciousness

 The Four Sacred Secrets

Krishnaji and Preethaji have dedicated themselves to helping people around the world dissolve their anxiety and inner turmoil and live in “a beautiful state.”

After transforming millions of lives through their O&O Academy courses and Ekam, a majestic meditation space in India, Krishnaji and Preethaji are now harnessing some of their key teachings into four fundamental shifts that can miraculously open our lives to joy, love, prosperity, and purpose. These are their four sacred secrets:

Live with a Spiritual Vision

You act as if achieving your goals is the only thing that gives life meaning, but, in fact, it is the mental state you reach for as you pursue your dreams that awakens you to a life of purpose.

Discover Your Inner Truth

You stress so much, your default mood is irritation or dissatisfaction. When you bring peaceful attention to your more honest self, a calm starts to guide you away from unhappiness and self-obsession.

Awaken to the Universal Intelligence

You trust your strategies and clever hacks to find solutions to your problems, but have you considered tapping into the miraculous power of universal intelligence?

Practice Spiritual Right Action

Have you ever found yourself spending hours contemplating the “right” thing to do? Spiritual right action will give you the courage and clarity to find your way out of life’s conflicts.

Within the pages of this life-changing book, Krishnaji and Preethaji explore conscious wealth creation, discovering love in partnered relationships, and finding peace within oneself. They provide simple and effective meditations, anecdotal lessons, and powerful insights that will transform your consciousness and turn your dreams into realities. You are only four steps away from living a beautiful life.

The Four Sacred Secrets will guide you there.

Praise For The Four Sacred Secrets

I believe it might be just that rarest of things in publishing: a self-help book for the ages, one that can change lives for decades to come.
— MARK SULLIVAN, bestselling author of Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Our definition of success is in dire need of an overhaul. As The Four Sacred Secrets shows, there’s a disconnect between what our culture tells us we need to do to be successful and what would make us happy. Like The Four Agreements, The Four Sacred Secrets taps into ancient wisdom to offer modern truths for a well-lived life, including how to let go of what’s weighing us down and truly connect with others and ourselves.
— ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, founder and CEO of Thrive Global
There is an elegance and simplicity in the realization that at any given moment we’re either in a beautiful or suffering state. The Four Sacred Secrets is an important, groundbreaking thesis which promises to help us find our inner truths and live a life of greater fulfillment and connection.
— Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Leader in mindfulness psychology

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A Video Sneak Peak with Preethaji and Krishnaji

Preethaji and Krishnaji address what the “four sacred secrets” are and outline the “four life journeys” that thread through their book, in two intimate and conversational videos.


Power of Being Wisdom & Meditation Experience

Preethaji answers key questions about attaining a higher state of consciousness and guides you with step-by-step instruction through various meditations.


Soul Sync Deepening Course

In this course, Preethaji’s teaches liberating wisdom and the key to manifesting a life of your fondest dreams and accessing expansive, transcendental states of consciousness.




The Field of Abundance Keynote

Preethaji provides insights around self-love, intimate relationships, parenting, and wealth creation & leadership.


Freedom in Relationships

One part of a 10-day, immersive and intimate podcast program, in which Preethaji talks listeners through the problems that often inhibit their states of consciousness, provides specified advice and walks her listeners through guided exercises.




Coaching Session with O&O Academy Faculty

This session will be with you and 10 others (friends, board members, executive management team, etc.).


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