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About Ekam

Ekam is a mystic meditation space. The word Ekam refers to the highest state of non-dual consciousness that can be experienced while in the human body and there are three phenomenal festivals of Ekam that share the spiritual processes of connecting to the divine.

Krishnaji acquired the sacred space where Ekam now stands in 1997 after studying the magnetic grid lines that flow into what some call the most unique and sacred spot on earth. With the immense blessings of his parents, immeasurable support from his wife and the heartfelt contribution of innumerable seekers from India and abroad, Krishnaji completed the creation of Ekam in 2008.

Ekam is a space where individuals from all faiths and backgrounds connect to universal intelligence, or the divine, and is known to have the power to dissolve obstacles and problems while helping you to manifest your intentions.

3 Major Festivals At Ekam

Preethaji and Krishnaji  have created three major festivals – Ekam Abundance Festival, Ekam World Peace Festival and Ekam Enlightenment Festival.

Ekam Abundance Festival

One of the fundamental fallacies to which we unconsciously fall prey is this – We think life moves in a  chronological sequence of cause and effect. We assume that if we find our soulmate, our lives will be flooded with love. If we succeed, we will become fulfilled. If we lose weight, we will relax. But our lives are more like the subatomic world, where effect precedes the cause. Discover love and your soulmate will come. Feel fulfilled and success will happen. Move into a deep state of relaxation and your body will shed weight.

The universe we live in runs on many sacred laws of which the largest section of humanity is unaware. At the Ekam Abundance Festival, the seekers experience a profound transformation in consciousness and receive 28 treasures and release deep-seated poisons from within. They experience rewiring of their brains to greater abundance in their lives.

Ekam World Peace Festival

We are connected in consciousness.  Transforming our state of being is a direct path to sustainable peace and that is why Ekam World Peace Festival is not peace activism. It is a movement in consciousness towards peace that will happen every year in the months of August or September. In addition to the thousands who travel to Ekam, peacemakers across the globe connect every evening to Ekam via Breathing Room (link) to participate in a collective meditation on varied aspects of peace ranging from religious tolerance, kindness toward animals, ending violence against women and children, the ending of economic exploitation, and promoting racial harmony.

On the eleventh day, our vision is for 1M people to connect through Ekam from all over the world, where we collectively meditate for world peace. Ekam is uniquely positioned for this celebration, because it acts as an amplifier and impacts human consciousness.

Not able to participate in person? Join us for a global live stream meditation or participate daily On Demand.   For more information and to register  

Ekam Enlightenment Festival

Preethaji and Krishnaji designed the Ekam Enlightenment Festival as a seven-day celebration held in the month of December that brings people together from more than sixty countries to experience enlightenment at Ekam. After the Ekam Enlightenment Festival, when you are back in the world and you have moments of confusion and conflict, you will experience a space in your consciousness that turbulence can’t touch. This is the power of the Ekam Enlightenment Festival.

Ekam Abundance Festival

21 July - 27th july 2019

Ekam World Peace Festival

12th September - 22nd September 2019

Ekam Enlightenment Festival

3rd December - 9th December 2019

Every Day Ekam Process

When you practice our daily Ekam process, you can be led into powerful mystical experiences, transcendental states and an awakened consciousness.


Siddhis are for visitors who flow in and out through the day


    Dissolving Obstacles In Life.


    Receiving Direct Guidance From Your Personal Divine.


    Manifesting Heartfelt Intentions.


Seekers who stay overnight on campus have special privileges of experiencing the powerful Upasanas experiences along with Siddhis:


    A Powerful Mystical Process for Awakening Kundalini.


    Transcendental Process for Experiencing Classical States Of Enlightenment.

Soul Sync Meditation Live From Ekam

Join Soul Sync, a powerful meditation live from Ekam everyday for incredible grace and synchronicities. Each day the Soul Sync will be done for a special intent.


6.00 A.M - 6.15 A.M. in Telugu

6.30 A.M - 6.45 A.M. in English

7.00 A.M - 7.15 A.M. in Hindi

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6.30 A.M - 6.45 A.M. in Kannada

Here is the link to join the call on ZOOM


Ekam, Varadiahpalem Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh – 517541

(79 km from Tirupathi and 72 km from Chennai Central Railway Station; closer to Tada highway)

For other details contact

+91 9000991043