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Field of Abundance

Field of Abundance is a consciousness upgrade; an education that no school or university has given you so far.

Transform the following 5 pivotal areas of your life through new and revolutionary insights.

  1. Achievement – Shift from obsessive doing to joyful being.

  2. Partnership – Discover what love is.

  3. Parenting – Become a transformed parent who creates an impact to create a difference to yourself and to the masterpiece you help to sculpt.

  4. Wealth Creation – Purify and dissolve all that is obstructive to creating great abundance in your life.

  5. Leadership – Become an extraordinary leader by moving into a state of connection. Only when you move into this state of connection, intelligence thrives, genius grows, prosperity grows, abundance grows, and you enter a new realm of possibilities.

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Being Limitless

In the “Being Limitless” meditation retreat, you will learn meditations and principles that will calm your brain’s stress responses.

In this journey, you move from your limited mind, limited self, and a limited life to limitless being and living. Limitlessness is not an attitude, nor is it a state of emotional high. It is an awakened state of consciousness. Here you will learn the secret to the four states of consciousness that free you from limited habitual ways of thinking and being and expand you into living a limitless life.

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One Consciousness Achievers Circle


Our One Consciousness ACHIEVERS Circle is a spiritual offering like never before; it is achievement layered into 4 levels - Wealth Creation, Relationships, Transcendence, and Enlightenment. Here you will dive into deep mystic processes that will dissolve the neural connections that keep you chained to suffering states.

The Oneness Blessing gives us the opportunity to connect to that which we long for, our Higher Self, giving us the ability to experience peace and guidance and to fulfill our life’s purpose.
— Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

One Consciousness Business Circle

The One Consciousness Business Circle will take you on an incredibly magical journey where possibilities become realities.

Transform the way wealth is generated, shared and utilized to create a better world. Success, achievement and fame are not the “be-all” of life., nor is being in an enlightened state of consciousness the “end all” of life. It is the fusion of the two that creates a beautiful life.  This stream of learning is to lead to the emergence of wealth creators who live and function from an expanded state of consciousness.


One Consciousness Leaders Circle

One Consciousness Leaders Circle is a journey specially designed for leaders.

This is the only stream of learning where Krishnaji personally mentors men and women with leadership potential and awakens them to the true power of consciousness through 5 phases of evolution.

You should explore this journey if your vision is to grow in prosperity to contribute to your environment.

You should explore this journey if your vision is to awaken to love so you will contribute to the transformation of your next generation.

You should explore this journey if your vision is to awaken to connection so you can better nurture your families and teams.

You should explore this journey if your vision is to grow in wisdom and compassion to help the world become a more connected place.

You should explore this journey if your vision is to cultivate a quiet mind and an expanded consciousness to truly be alive.

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One Consciousness Transformers Course

Teachers training in meditation and wisdom

Be a part of a global community of 1000 high potential spiritual influences, who will collectively accelerate a global shift in consciousness to make this planet a better place for all forms of life.

Being a transformer is to ignite, nurture and harness individuals with a spiritual inclination and potential to lead. You are about to enter the first level of Transformer training where you will be trained to lead a 2-day workshop titled  ‘The Beautiful State’.

This 2-day workshop will serve as both an introductory course for their journey into O&O Academy and a preparatory course for ‘S&S, Being Limitless’ and/or ‘FOA’.

Your future learning and further training will continue on an invite-only basis.

Throughout the training, and beyond, you will have the unique opportunity to define core problems of your organization or society, find solutions, and receive guidance for implementation with the help of the founders. The teachers will hold your hand on this path as guided by the founders.

You are part of a platform where ideas and feedback are shared and refined with your peers. There is a healthy dialogue between the community of the transformers and the academy.

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One Consciousness Trainers Course

Train. Teach. Impact.

Every authentic teacher is a student – learning while teaching, evolving while helping others evolve. Becoming enlightened while serving others on the path.

This is the foundational philosophy of O&O Academy’s Trainers course. If you have a deep passion to be instrumental in the transformation of human Consciousness, then the O&O Academy Trainers course is for you.

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The World Youth Change Makers Course

Become a Transformed Leader

Welcome to a life lived in a beautiful state filled with rich relationships and great abundance. Welcome to the new you! The WYCM experience will awaken you to the power of consciousness and the power of source. It will open the doors to abundance in its 3 powerful forms – as Prosperity, as Love, as Flowering of Creativity.


Learn the cardinal wisdom principles of O&O Academy that can set the foundation for your inner journey. You will understand the significance of inner wellbeing and the profound implications of outer success and abundance. Discover the power of spiritual vision and begin your journey towards greater abundance and success in life.


Experience powerful meditations and spiritual processes that will help you break past your inner limitations and awaken to a profound sense of love and acceptance for yourself.


A disharmonious and warring relationship with yourself is often one of the biggest impediments to success and abundance. When you struggle and fight with yourself, you live trying to prove or get approval from another. In the process, you lose self-confidence and become a highly conflicted individual. Awaken to greater empathy and connection with the other. Open yourself to an expanded state of love.


So many of us tend to push ourselves so hard to reach the top only to become miserable and burnt out. Such success stands on shaky foundations. If you are someone who aspires to have a fulfilled and joyful inner state, you must learn the art of sustainable success. Here you can learn the wisdom principles and meditation practices that are specially designed to awaken the Heart Leader within you.


Each of us is a product of the love, kindness and wisdom of so many other individuals. We are part of an inseparable web of life. The more we contribute to and nurture this web of life, the more abundance and success we manifest. Immerse yourself In a deeply transformational process of awakening to your connection with the web of life and emerge as a Transformed Leader


Experience the magic of Limitless Field with Krishnaji. Enjoy the unique privilege of interacting and learning directly with the Founders of the renowned Academy.

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