Healing Hearts And Connecting Minds With Preethaji In San Rafael, Colombia 


The events that unfolded in San Rafael, a small village near Medellín, Colombia are unprecedented.


After more than 50 years of civil war and millions of victims, and a 3-year-old peace treaty that has polarized the nation, 75 influential leaders of Colombian society joined for three days in the mountains of Colombia under the guidance of Preethaji to learn to live in a BEAUTIFUL STATE.

This small town, shaken by years of war, was the setting for something never attempted before: a group of top leaders in their diverse fields; musicians, culture, social, ancestral leaders, businessmen, representatives of victims, members of the Truth Commission and members of civil society; as well as de-mobilized guerrillas and paramilitary; and retired generals,gathered in La Paz En Tus Ojos – Peace In Your Eyes,to understand and give a chance to reconciliation in connection to their inner forces and the Universe. 

And it was right there, in an Ashram in the middle of the forest with pristine rivers, where after three intense days working with Preethaji, former enemies were able to see human beings at the other end, willing to have a second chance to build a beautiful future together. All participants needed enormous courage to be part of Peace In Your Eyes. For Preethaji and Yuktesh this feat represented a tremendous effort; travelling all the way from India (more than 16.000 kilometers) to Medellín, being at the heart of a former war zone, with a heterogeneous mi of leaders.

In San Rafael, reality defeated imagination. Situations that seemed impossible, are now common occurrences in our world.They are the result of the meeting of human hearts with authentic desire to rewrite a new chapter in the history of Colombia. Thus, victims and perpetrators, members of both sides, witnesses and enemies in the past sat in complete silence guided by the voice of Preethaji, exploring reconciliation from a more spiritual dimension, opening the doors to sincere and genuine dialogue, to the word that is born from the heart, and thus, to advance in the construction of a country. A firm decision to always hold the door of dialogue open with arguments, without attacks, without weapons, without violence was agreed amongst all. Everyone was part of an event that will change the destiny of a country shifting the history of death and fear for a BEAUTIFUL STATE of progress, peace, cooperation and abundance...Thank you Preethaji and Yuktesh for sharing your incredible wisdom and shining light on our paths.

As a corollary, at the end of August (barely a month after Peace In Your Eyes in San Rafael), a faction of dissidents of the FARC guerrillas announced to Colombia that they were going back to the mountains to continue oiling the war machine. On the same day, the maximum leader of the FARC, Rodrigo Londoño, who attended San Rafael, gave media interviews where he emphasized that having attended Peace in Your Eyes a few days before enabled him to understand that his choice for peace, inner truth and reconciliation was the right one. He has received unconditional support from everyone, mostly his former foes.

Thank you Preethaji and Yuktesh for so much love and care.

O&O Academy .