Meditate for Economic Equality & Abundance

Join us as we meditate to distribute the abundance of the planet to all, so everyone can prosper.

Our planet provides enough for all to prosper, together we can radiate peace and prosperity worldwide.

Today we will transform consciousness towards economic cooperation, empathy and equity for all.

Wherever there is poverty and insecurity, somewhere else on the planet there is excess and waste in equal proportion. With poverty comes desperation, and with desperation comes crime and exploitation of the less fortunate. This exploitation leads to revolution, disharmony, civil unrest and war; all of which are unnecessary evils that poison the hearts and minds of people against one another.

Begin live streaming now through Breathing Room as we meditate for economic equality, safety and prosperity for all. You may also participate in an abridged, 20 minute version on-demand at any time on our Breathing Room App.

Preethaji & Krishnaji have prepared a sacred intention for millions to join in, ushering in prosperity and economic dignity through an elevated understanding of the abundance and potential of our planet to serve, feed and provide for our fellow people, and explore Preethaji & Krishnaji’s Bestselling book The Four Sacred Secrets where they lead you into the secrets that can transform your life, discover love, and create prosperity from a beautiful State.

September 20, Time: 6.30 PM TO 7.30 PM IST.

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