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 O&O Academy

O&O is a dynamic school of wisdom and meditation for enlightenment founded by Preethaji and Krishnaji, located in Andhra Pradesh, India.

O&O provides a unique path of self-discovery and the entire process at O&O is designed to help participants grow and discover your authentic inner power while finding peace.

O&O is progressive, based on modern wisdom from the founders, dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness.

Preethaji and Krishnaji believe that every participant should be individually nurtured and led to deep personal realizations and experiences rather than find security in a belief or dogma to relieve suffering or experience enlightenment.

Here is what sets O&O apart:

  • The grounds were designed as a spiritual sanctuary.  You will truly feel at home in a sacred and special place.

  • O&O has a commitment to create spiritual empowerment not spiritual dependence. There is no allegiance to any religion.

  • At O&O there is no judgement of any kind and every participant is treated with care.

  • We remain a family beyond all of the courses and offer on-going opportunities to deepen and extend your experience after you return home.

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