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Enter a beautiful state. Manifest your intentions.

Soul Sync Meditation is a ten minute meditation that will awaken you to a beautiful inner state of being and infuse your consciousness with the power to manifest your intentions.

Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities, heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind.

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Breathing Room was created for those looking for greater calm, reduced stress and a more optimistic outlook on life.

The meditation system combines the best of ancient meditation practices, timeless wisdom and modern science led by the faculty of the O&O Academy, Preetahji and Krishnaji.

It is launching August 6th and will be accessible on Android, iPhone, on your mobile device or computer, through AppleTV and Roku. It will feature on demand meditations and live streaming meditations.

Whether you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, Breathing Room guided meditation offers a purposeful path to clear the internal clutter so you can manage the pressures of modern life, create greater well-being and deepen the connection with yourself and others. This new meditation platform, powered by the O&O Academy, harnesses the power within ourselves, enhanced when we meditate together.

Because...Breathing Room meditation combines a powerful flowing sequence (which keeps your mind engaged through movement and sound), proven through its rich 30-year heritage and scientific perspective. And, designed for the pace of modern life, Breathing Room meets you where you are and on your schedule, integrating online-and-live guided meditation, streamed, on demand and in person.

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