Living in a Beautiful State: Consciousness, Connection, Purpose and Greatness - Preethaji

The Inspiring Lives by Athletic Greens

-Gary Bertwistle

Published on 12th August’ 2019


Preethaji is a Spiritual teacher, and a Philosopher. Along with her husband Krishnaji, they have led millions on a profound journey into consciousness, helping them find the healing, joy, relationships, and purpose they are seeking. Preethaji and Krishnaji have also released a new book “The Four Sacred Secrets”, that focuses on helping people live in a beautiful state. Preethaji also architects various immersion programs and mentors a worldwide community of meditation instructors and seekers.

In this episode we cover

  • When someone asks what you do, how you like to reply? [02:20]

  • Seeking fulfillment and focusing on your inner state [03:11]

  • The power of connection and being present [10:54]

  • Activating all parts of the brain [12:26]

  • The power of silence and connection [16:19]

  • State of doing vs state of being [18:28]

  • Letting go of our hurt and being vulnerable in relationships [19:29]

  • Discovering purpose [24:27]

  • Living in a beautiful state and addressing suffering [27:23]

  • Connecting to the world around you [30:26]

  • Qualifying greatness [31:35]

  • Recognizing our child state [35:32]

  • India’s connection to consciousness and inner reflection [37:57]

  • The story of the cobra [39:09]

  • What animal do you relate to? [42:49]

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